Biografia de de fray mier servando teresa

We have had trials, and we know that we must have them again; but we bear them well together, and endeavour to fortify ourselves and each other against the final separation-that greatest of all afflictions to the survivor. But, if we keep in mind the glorious heaven beyond, where both may meet again, and biografia de de fray mier servando teresa and sorrow are unknown, surely that too may be borne; and, meantime, we endeavour to live to the glory of Him who has scattered so many blessings in our path. Edward, by his strenuous exertions, has worked surprising reforms in his parish, and is esteemed and loved by its inhabitants-as he deserves; for whatever his faults may be as a man and no one is entirely without, I defy anybody to blame him as a pastor, a husband, or a father. Our children, Edward, Agnes, and little Mary, promise well; their education, for the time being, is chiefly committed to me; and they shall want no good thing that a mothers care can give. Our modest income is amply sufficient for our requirements and by practising the economy we learnt in harder times, and never attempting to imitate our richer neighbours, we manage not only to biografia de de fray mier servando teresa comfort and contentment ourselves, but to have every year something to lay by for our children, and something to give to those who need it. And now I think I have said sufficient. Our school was not situated in the heart of the town on entering A- from the northwest there is a row of respectablelooking houses, on each side of the broad, white road, with narrow slips of gardenground before them, Venetian blinds to the windows, and a flight of steps leading to each trim, brasshandled door.
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